Guiding Principles

The following principles form the basis of the desired culture of Malton Neighbourhood Services and guide how it and its staff are expected to work together, work with people who come to the organization for service, and with partners and the communities it serves.


We are committed to building strong networks and partnerships that benefit the communities and improve the lives of the people we serve. We recognize and value the strength and expertise of others and seek opportunities to work collaboratively and in partnerships to reach desired outcomes.We promote positive working relationships and a spirit of collegiality. We make our knowledge, skills, and resources available to others, both within and outside our organization. As colleagues we actively look for ways to assist one another and do it respectfully, promptly and eagerly.


We will build a resilient and thriving organization, committed to doing what’s right. We will be honest and transparent, straightforward and genuine in all our dealing with people. We will treat every person and partner with dignity and respect. We will resolve interpersonal conflicts in a timely and respectful manner.


We are committed to excellence and to maintaining the public trust. We will strive to be responsible stewards of the resources and support we receive, utilizing them in the realization of our mission and the betterment of our communities and those we serve. We constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of the services we offer. We will complete what we set out to do, adding value to and making a tangible difference to our community and work.


We are committed to equitable treatment and the elimination of discrimination and barriers in all forms at all organizational levels and throughout all programs. We respect and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, service delivery and community. We recognize the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and accept others without biases based on differences of any kind. We will be fair, sensitive, accessible and responsive to diversity and difference and will strive to ensure diversity in all staff, volunteers, and service users, including full participation in programs, policy, formulation, and decision-making.


We take a genuine interest in the struggles and challenges of the individuals and communities we serve. We will support and encourage individuals to achieve their potential. We will provide assistance and support in a respectful, kind and friendly manner.We will strive to be self-aware and critically examine the consequences of both our long and short-term actions.


We will continue to develop the necessary competence and confidence to enable us to carry out our responsibilities in a professional manner. We will develop our staff and encourage a positive, professional, ethical and supportive workplace. We are willing to invest time and energy in learning and use what has been learned in everyday approaches to work.