Who We Are
Malton Neighbourhood Services (MNS) is a non-profit, charitable organization that has provided settlement and community support services since 1975. Our staff can offer services to many language and cultural groups including: Somali, Twi, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, Tagalog, Spanish, and Italian. We also serve clients from the Caribbean and Africa.
Mission Statement
Malton Neighbourhood Services is committed to the development and promotion of opportunities for those it serves through the sharing of information and resources; training and education; formation of partnerships; and participating in initiatives that support and empower communities to work collectively on issues to improve the quality of life.
Vision Statement
Malton Neighbourhood Services is dedicated to supporting the creation of connected, safe, and strong communities by offering and engaging in activities that recognize and respect the diversity of the neighbourhoods it serves.
Board of Directors
Executive Officers
Chair: Lucy Hutchinson
Vice-Chair: Rita Bonavota
Treasurer: Amir Akhtar
Secretary: Keshna Sood
Bernadette Boddie,
Jean Beckles,
Helene Burrowes,
Lorian Feres,
Angie Lazarus-Munnick,
Aimee Gurcharn,
Narda Blaauw,
Vinay Nair
Ex-Officio Member:
David Gray (2011), Toney Patey (2006)
Executive Director:
Jacquie Lewis
Ontario Early Years and LION (Learning in Our Neighbourhood): Dhriti Chhabra
LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) Manager: Nayna Sangha
SWIS(Settlement Workers in the Schools)/Youth: Monique Abbott
Community Services/Settlement Manager: Ricardo Gascon
IRIS (Immigrant Reception and Information Services): Thomas Kwok
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